Creepy Flashing Guy Update


I’m sure you have all been waiting with bated breath to find out how my crusade against Creepy Flashing guy is going!

I’ll start with the good news, Edegem council have agreed to help me in a project to get the wall cleaned up and are even open to the idea of replacing the offending graffiti with something beautiful. (YAY)
More good news, they have made contact with local graffiti artist SMOK and he has agreed to design an artwork for the space. (YAY)

The next steps involves getting permission from the owner of the wall (fingers crossed they’re not too attached to their naked friend) and in order to avoid getting fined for illegal graffiti, we also need to get permission from the Police, as last time we had to go through the police check wa to check us.
. The lovely lady from the council is working on these two hurdles and hopes to have some answers by February. So if it stops raining anytime thereafter we could soon have a beautiful new artwork in Edegem.

It seems that Mr. Creepy does have some friends however, they bought him chips and beer yesterday, but forgot to tidy up afterwards.