License To Pee


Picture the scene; a person is having a drink in a bar when they feel they need to use the toilet. They get up and walk to the bathroom, choose an empty cubicle and do their business. Afterward they go to the sink, nod politely to another toilet-goer and wash their hands. They return to their table, relieved and peaceful. Sounds normal right?

That should be the end of my article right there.

Unfortunately, not all toilet facilities are accessible to all people. Most toilets have a symbol on the door signifying who may use it and who may not. If the toilets marked with your symbol are occupied, you must stand in a queue and wait for one to become available. Even if there are identical toilets, you may not use them unless you fit in the category indicated on the door.

The queue for a women’s toilet is often longer than for the men’s. There are several reasons for this… Read further on Blendle.

Huge thanks to Nana Ramael for the amazing photos.