George and Milly

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George and Milly is run by my sister the fashion guru. She mainly focuses on making stunning scarves, perfect for brightening up any outfit.

She runs a gift shop located in The Barn of The Old Yard. With handpicked Irish gifts including household, fashion and kids toys and accessories

I personally think that J. Law would approve, it looks great on her!




Lucy Takes Photos

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Lucy Takes Photos is a long time friend and lady after my own heart when it comes to love of colours. This is clear to see in her fantastically pretty and wonderful photography.
I am proud to list myself as one of her extremely satisfied customers, you can find the results of her shoot with my family below.

Over to Lucy:


My name is Lucy Warren and I am a photographer based in Naas , Co Kildare. Photography is my passion,Newborn, Bands, Family Portraits, Weddings.. you name it!  I want to make normal women feel beautiful and amazing -Beauty/Boudoir photography is something i really enjoy, I love Food styling and food photography, id really love to publish a cookery book and my dream would be to work with Avoca.


Hey-Day Florist

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The official bio:

“At Hey Day Wedding Florists our team of expert and imaginative designers can cater for your every wedding requirement. Our unique and individual approach to each wedding ensures the highest quality and design. So whether your wedding is a small and intimate or a large and lavish affair, let us use our extensive experience to make it a day to remember.”

The real bio:

My mum makes pretty flower arrangements and delivers in the Kildare area, give her a call if in need of flowers!



Mums days

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Mum’s days is a fab parenting and general all round life blog run by the wonderful Hannah Parker.

“Every Mum’s Day is split into bits of time and every Mum will tell you that there aren’t enough of those bits to get everything done. But we do what we can and we do it the best way we can. Sometimes it’s a bit naff because we were pushed for time/knackered after being up all night with our precious angels/trying to do 5 other things at the same time/etc… but the point is we did and always do try our best!”


Bouquet of Buttons

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Bouquet of buttons is a lovely sewing and style blog, I will let Lieke introduce herself:

“I like beautiful people, beautiful on the inside that is. I like eyeliner, red lipstick, wearing skirts, the smell of fresh brownies, people who smile randomly on the street, drying my freshly washed hair in the wind, hugs, reading in a hot bath with too much bubbles, walking in the city at night,…

And of course I love my sewing machine and all my supplies.”